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What is Facebook Live? A brief intro to live video and how you can use it in your business.

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If your business has a young target audience, are you missing out on key advertising by not using Snapchat?

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We typically approach creating a website for you by following these 4 steps: DISCUSSION PHASE - Free & No Obligation Consultation. DESIGN PHASE WIREFRAME PHASE IMPLEMENTATION PHASE

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There are many hosting companies to choose from, each offering similar services, but if any or all of this is too daunting for you, we can take care of everything on your behalf.  

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Twitter connects your business to the current conversation. Keep up to date with trends and open up a new communication channel with your customers.

Facebook is a social utility which allows people, communities, co-workers and businesses to communicate easily in one place.  

In simple terms, a social network is an online community. Often, the people within these communities are grouped by their interests.  With Social Networking ever growing in popularity, it is an essential part of your marketing mix.

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In order to have your own unique website address, you must first register / purchase your domain name, after checking that its available. This is all carried out through a Registrar.

We design and build ALL of our websites around a CMS, even a single page brochure style site, as it provides you or anyone you choose to nominate with an easy way to maintain your own site, if you choose to do so.