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Facebook is a social utility which allows people, communities, co-workers and businesses to communicate easily in one place.

Founded in 2004 the network now has over 800 million active users.

Some of the many features available to Facebook users include:

  • Uploading Photos/Videos
  • Posting Status Updates that friends will see when they log in (the first page you see is your News Feed)
  • Create events and invite friends
  • Send private messages to friends
  • Create groups
  • Carry out polls

Facebook has many more features, we investigate as many as we can so that we can advice our clients about useful additions to their Marketing Strategy.

Facebook Glossary, 
Our guide to some of the terms you will hear in relation to Facebook:

  • 'Like' - When you like something on Facebook you click the 'thumbs up' Like button, this shows your friends that you like something.  It is this feature which enables brands to spread the word. If someone 'likes' your company, it means they will receive your updates in their News Feed.
  • Friends - Users can ask someone to be a friend on Facebook, if they accept the invitation they are then connected on the network.
  • Pages - You can create a Facebook Page to promote a local business or place, company, organisation, institution, brand/product, artist, band, public figure, a cause or a community.  These pages give a voice which can be used to interact with audiences or customers.
  • News Feed -  Your News Feed is the center column of your Facebook home page (when logged in) and is a list of stories/updates from your friends or pages that you follow.  This list is updated constantly and always displays the most recent first.
  • Poke - During the initial success of Facebook, lots of people used the 'Poke' button, this then sent a notification to your friend. This button has now been hidden.
  • Profile - Your personal profile contains all the information you want to tell your friends about.  This can include your interests, where you work, photos and much more.  If you have a Business Page, this could include your address, contact details and more.
  • Status Update - A status update is a message that a Facebook user adds to their profile for their friends to read.  On a Business Page this would be read by the people who 'Like' your page.
  • Tag - People can tag their friends in photos, status updates and more.  By doing this, their friend will be shown this content in their News Feed.
  • Wall - Your wall is the space on your profile page where friends can post updates and messages for you.  These will be seen by your friends in their news feed.
To find out more on how we can help you bring the best out of your Facebook profile specifically, or to enquire about how we can help with your Social Media Marketing Strategy simply fill out our Online Contact Form and we will be in touch.