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How can you use #140 characters to promote your business? With a Social Media Marketing strategy in place, it becomes second nature #twitter

What do people use Twitter for? People use Twitter to give quick updates to their Followers or to anyone that is interested in the same topic.  As a business, engaging with real-time Tweets gives instant feedback and can help build your business.

On Twitter you have a box in which to write a message, the message is called a 'Tweet' and can have up to 140 characters!  This Tweet is then displayed on your Twitter profile ready to be viewed.

If you search for a particular subject, for example 'Social Media' you will receive a list of all the latest Tweets on this subject. Do the same with keywords from your industry to gain an insight into your competitors and market analysis.

Twitter is talked about in the media and it's users content is even used in news stories.  You can use Twitter to keep up to date or to be the ones who are updating.  If your business is updating Twitter with useful and relevant content then this is useful for your companies online visibilities.

There are lots of techniques that you can use to help boost your Twitter profile and Tweets, run promotions and engage with your customers. if you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please contact us using our Online Contact Form

Twitter Glossary,
Our guide to some of the terms you will hear in relation to Twitter: 

Tweet - A message of up to 140 characters that is posted on Twitter.
Follow/Follower - If you follow someone on Twitter you subscribe to their Tweets, If someone follows you then they are a Follower of your Tweets.
Hashtag - By including a word preceded by a # in your tweet, this will tag the Tweet with that keyword.  Tweeters can then search for other Tweets with this Hashtag.  This is often used at conferences to allow attendees to follow the conversation on Twitter for that event.
Username - Your identity on twitter, for example your name in under 15 characters.
Retweet - A Tweet that has been forwarded by a Tweeter to other Tweeters.  This is how topics can become very popular on Twitter, particularly on a Trending Topic.
Timeline - A list of Tweets in order of date posted on Twitter.
Trending Topic - A topic that is determined to be the most popular on Twitter at any one time.
Tweeters/Twitterers - Someone who owns a Twitter account and uses it to write Tweets and read other peoples Tweets.

If you need help/advice setting up your Twitter account or you want to make more use of your existing account, please Contact Us to see how our services can boost your businesses Social Media profile.