In simple terms, a social network is an online community.

With Social Networking ever growing in popularity, it is an essential part of your marketing mix.

Popular Social Media Websites include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube among many others.

How will Social Media Marketing benefit my business?

  1. Social networking provides targeted audiences for your communications, working much like word of mouth. 
  2. You can also place targeted Ads on these websites.
  3. By joining the social networks you can easily communicate with your customers online.
  4. Increase customer loyalty by interacting with your customers and keeping them engaged with your brand.
  5. Acquire new customers.
  6. Positively impact on your websites search engine rankings.
  7. Social Media builds and grows reputation. Unlike traditional Print Advertising, Social Media is always growing and gaining popularity for your company.  Every little adds up to build a larger profile for your business.
  8. Easy way for people to get in touch, be reminded or receive offers.

The more you interact with customers in an interesting way, the more likely they are to engage and recommend your company. Imagine 1 person likes you on Facebook! If they have 200 friends and a few of those recommend (or like) your company, their friends will then in turn see your company.  This can only be a good thing.